Thursday, July 12, 2012

Review: Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Dot Liner

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Today I'm back with a review of Holika Holika's 'Wonder Drawing Dot Liner'. This is a black liquid eyeliner with a very unusual tip. Unlike the common pointed felt or brush tip, this eyeliner has a three-pronged felt tip which was what initially made me interested in this eyeliner.

The holographic purple blue packaging with gold font

The three-pronged felt tip

The faded logo over time on my pen.

This is what the original logo looks like on the pen.

The three-pronged tip is very useful for getting in between the lashes along the upper lash line. For me, this was great because I usually wear contacts 70% of the time when I go out so I can't use a pencil eyeliner to tight line my waterline. If I do use a pencil eyeliner, it usually smudges on my contacts and ruins them. The Holika Holika eyeliner lets me line as close to the lash line as I can and go back to fill in gaps between the lashes to give the illusion of tightlined eyes.

A close-up of the tip

Although I love the design of the eyeliner, I hated the formula. This eyeliner has more of a watery formula with the color also coming across as a watered down black. I found myself having to go over the line at least 2-3 times before getting the black to be opaque. Another problem I found with the formula was how easily it comes off with water. Now, this may be a plus for some because it does make taking it off at the end of the day much easier but, for people like me who have watery eyes, I had to constantly reapply the eyeliner especially in the in the inner corners as well as the outer corner where I like to flick it outwards. Especially during the hotter seasons with allergies and the humidity, it was a pain having to constantly check my eyeliner! >_< 

This picture shows how even with the unusual tip, you can create thick and thin lines. The top line is after I went over the line 2-3 times to achieve my desired opacity, the middle line shows that you can make thin lines, and the last line shows the color with one stroke using all three-prongs. 

This picture is similar to the previous one except I showed how I would use the three-prongs to fill in the gaps in my lash line.

This is after letting the eyeliner set and performing the smudge test with adequate pressure.

This is after spraying the lines with water. See how easily the eyeliner starts running? This is without rubbing or patting. Just any contact with water makes the eyeliner start running. It's like having scary black tears from those horror movies. T ~ T (I'm so sorry about the terrible lightening here. It was gloomy and cloudy that day.)

However, the real deal breaker for me was although it was easy to remove with water, it always left a bluish - gray stain on my lash line. Even using my HG Philosophy Purity One-Step Facial Cleanser couldn't completely remove the stain and if that wasn't enough, using Maybelline's Waterproof Oil Eye Makeup Remover doesn't remove the stain either. If you really rub hard enough, the stain isn't too visible from a distance but, you would never want to rub that hard on your eyes.

Here you can see the bluish stain left by the darker opaque line I drew. If you look closely, there is some redness from how hard I was rubbing to get rid of the stain. Again, you would never want to rub that hard on your delicate eyes.


For the packaging, I would give it a 4/5. The packaging is the standard black liquid pen with a sturdy cap that 'clicks' to close. My only gripe is over time, the logo that runs along the pen does fade, but most of my liquid eyeliners have the same problem. 

For the durability, I would give it a 3/5. If you're someone who doesn't have oily lids or watery eyes, this eyeliner will probably last you a good few hours.  

For the color payoff, I would give it a 4/5. I can some people liking the less-intense black because it does look more natural but for me, I prefer the opaque dark black. But, it is possible to get that opaque dark black by going over the line a few times. 

For the formula, I would give it a 2/5. Although the formula has a nice semi-matte finish, which to me is hard to find with liquid eyeliners nowadays, I hate how it leaves a bluish gray stain on your lash line and not only that, it's hard to remove that stain too!

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Thank you for reading! <3

If you are interested in purchasing this item, you can find it at and other sites like eBay. It usually retails for around $15-17 and comes in two colors: black and brown.

Disclaimer: All products were purchased by myself. I am not being paid to review or purchase these items. My opinions are always honest but please take all my reviews with a grain of salt. What works for me may not always work the same for you!


  1. thanks fo the review! did you check if the color was right? maybe you accidentally got brown? the liner comes in 2 colors

    1. You're very welcome and thank you for reading my review! ^^ The number I have on the package is 01 Black but because of how 'grayish' the black is, I'm sure it COULD pass as a really dark brown! But, Too Faced recently came out with the '3-Way Lash Line Tool'. It's identical to the Holika Holika one except no staining. It is slightly pricier though. Good luck with everything!

      <3 vivi

  2. great review! i have this as well!

    1. Awes, thank you for the compliment and thanks for reading! (:

  3. I just bought this, and I am very disappointing that it is not waterproof at all! First time I wore it and it left me with panda eyes D:

    1. It's awful isn't it?! >_< But there is a new eyeliner that came out that looks EXACTLY like this one except the formula is a million times better. It's the Too Faced Three Way Lining Tool. It's the one I've been using and I love it. If you like how the Holika Holika was, maybe you'll like this one too if you can get your hands on it! (:

      Thanks for reading! <3